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Wherever a TRIO finds a new home, there is an appropriate bass solution available from Avantgarde Acoustic. Well understood: it is not always possible to go for the top level solution, means up to 6 BASSHORN modules. And it does not have to be! Even the SUB231 benefits from the same material pool of the larger horn loaded subwoofer variants. Because one thing should not be missed out, no matter how limited placement options may be: the power of palpable bass sound waves!


Podrobnosti o izdelku

The System


The technical specifications speak for themselves: up to 1000 Watt amplifier power, 2 x 30cm pro-grade bass drivers, and a finely adjustable DSP equalizer ensure a truly competent, still compactly sized, low frequency complemet for TRIO systems.

Choose an elegant lacquer finish (standard or customer specific) for the front panels, and create a perfect match of subwoofer and TRIO horns.


  • Sealed enclosure design
  • DSP control
  • Software for MAC/WIN
  • 10 parametric EQ filters
  • 2 x 12 inch bass drivers
  • 1000 W bass amplifier

Subwoofer driver


Driver diameter 300 mm/12“
Membrane material SCS reinforced paper
Magnet material Ferrite
Drivers per subwoofer 2


Subwoofer amplifier


Amplifier power (RMS) 1000 (2 x 500) Watt, Class-D
Active crossover programmable by built-in DSP
Subsonic filter programmable by built-in DSP
12V trigger input yes
Limiter yes
Programmable via LAN/USB yes/yes
Inputs, switchable 1 x speaker-level and 1 x XLR (f)
Loop-through output 1 x XLR (m)


Mechanical construction


Footing 4 custom made spike cones with precision adjusting mechanism
Frame Base frame from solid casted aluminium
Subwoofer cabinet Reinforced construction from 30 mm MDF
Subwoofer front cover ;”3-piece cover 2 decorative panels and central cloth cover
Operating indicator Frontal LED