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Designing audio amplifiers is a mind-game, even though the result shall target the listeners heart. That’s why we put everything inside the XA INT that makes an integrated amplifier not just an elaborate machine but also a great musical communicator, conveying precisely and effortlessly what makes your favourite music so special to you. If you can hear the benefits of a 4-stage power filtering, a Single-Ended-Push-Pull Class-A/AB circuitry and a precision potentiometer? This we are convinced of! Your ears – and your heart – will.


Podrobnosti o izdelku



Technical data do not always allow statements on the sound effect. But they provide information about the care an amplifier has been developed with:

  • Output power CLASS AB-Mode: 2 x 120 Watt (@ 4 Ohm)
  • 3-channel precision potentiometer with conductive plastic
  • ‘Zero feedback’ circuit design
  • LC filter stages for primary & secondary voltages
  • Line inputs: 3 x RCA, 2 x XLR
  • Line output: 1 x XLR Pre-Out
  • IR remote control
  • Individualised front parts: silver/black anodized, lacquered, veneered
  • 2-part aluminium cast chassis (42.5 kg)
  • Particular specifications for High Impedance Avantgarde speakers:
  • 2 x 53 Watt (@ 18 Ohm)
  • Output power CLASS A-Mode: 2 x 1.1 Watt (@ 18 Ohm)


Electronic circuitry


‘Zero feedback’ yes
Primary LC filter stage yes
Secondary LC filter stage yes
Active electronic voltage regulation (secondary) yes


Inputs / outputs


Asymmetrical/single ended inputs 3
Symmetrical/balanced inputs 2
Symmetrische Ausgänge (Pre Out) 1
Input impedance 47 kOhm
Trigger outputs (12 VDC) 2


Chassis and finishes


Outer unibody aluminium chassis with heatsinks 18.5 kg
Inner unibody aluminium core 9.8 kg
Chassis black powder coated
Upper and lower brackets black or silver anodized
Handles black or silver anodized
Command bar black or silver anodized
Frontpanel -black or silver anodized
-wooden veener
-high gloss lacquer finish


Dimensions / weight


Width x Height x Depth 484.5 x 190.0 x 486.0 mm
Weight 42.5 kg